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Kate Winslet

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Full Name
Kate Elizabeth Winslet

Date of Birth

5th October 1975 Reading, England

Parents: Roger and Sally
Brother: Joss
Sisters: Anna and Beth (both actresses).

Holloway, London

Physical Traits

Eyes Green Hair Blonde Height 5'8" Weight 119-130 lbs Vital Statistics 38-29-39 Marital Status Married (Jim Threapleton)

Favourite Films Grease, Silence of the Lambs, The Piano, Reservoir Dogs, Santa Claus: The Movie.
Favourite Music Classical, Gregorian chants, Indigo Girls, The Verve, Oasis, Crowded House, Portishead.
Kate got her start in the business in such British television shows as "Shrinks," "Anglo-Saxon Attitudes," "Dark Season," and "Casualty." Kate's movie career began in 1994, in the film "Heavenly Creatures"

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