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Britney Spears

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Full Name
Britney Jean Spears

December 2, 1981 in Kentwood, Louisiana, USA


Parents: Jamie and Lynne Spears
Siblings: Bryan, 21 and Jamie Lynn, 8 as of March 1999

Physical Traits
Hair: light brown
Eyes: brown Height: 5'5
Weight: 105 lbs

Hobbies: shopping, seeing movies, reading romance novels, swimming, days at the beach People she admires: Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Madonna

Stats : Member of Mickey Mouse Club since 1993

Britney's Nicknames: Bit-Bit, Brit

Britney is the first new artist ever to have her 1st single and 1st album #1 the same week and have simultaneous #1 single on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles and the Billboard 200.

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